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Family Ski Bus Trips to Lake Tahoe

»Transportation, Fees, +

We will take you to the slopes in style in a luxury chartered bus 

   - reclining seats
   - restroom
   - TVs with DVD

- continental breakfast on the ride up
- hot cocoa, soda and cookies when you get off the slopes

Departure times depend on your pick up location. Usually between 4 and 5am.

Adults 18+ from  $149
Teens 13-17            $139
Kids 4-12 from  $109
Bus Only            $85

Prices subject to change


Our Ski Bus Trips to Lake Tahoe are
hassle-free Family fun!  For ages 4 & up. 

Let us do the planning and driving, while you and your kids sleep on the way up, have a great day on the Tahoe slopes and then watch movies on the ride home!  It's a No Brainer!

Lessons/Ski School
Each Lake Tahoe ski resort offers ski school that include rentals, lessons, lift pass and supervision.  All-day school includes lunch.  For some ski resorts, you can sign your children up for 1/2 day or all-day ski school (ages 4-12) when booking online with us.  However, if the weather requires us to put on chains and delays our arrival, there is a chance that your child will miss their ski school.  If the resort had required pre-registration, we cannot guarantee that school fees will be refunded.  We will do our best.

»Ski Bus Schedule

12/19  - Sierra 
12/20  - Squaw 
12/21  - Northstar
12/22  - 
12/23  - Squaw 
12/25  - Sierra
12/26  - Sierra
12/27  - Kirkwood
12/28  - Sugar Bowl
12/29  - Sierra 
12/30  - Sierra 
1/1      - Squaw 
1/2      - Squaw 
1/3      - 
1/9      - Northstar
1/10    - Sierra 
1/16    - Squaw
1/17    - Kirkwood
1/18    - Sugar Bowl
1/23    - Northstar
1/24    - Kirkwood
1/30    - Squaw 

See entire Schedule HERE

Customer Testimonial:
My reasons for using SkiBus: get in a full day's skiing and still have a full weekend day at home! Don't have to hassle with driving after skiing.
   -- Lynne, Walnut Creek