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One-Day Tahoe Ski Bus Trips

A Typical Tahoe Ski Bus Trip

Skip all the drawbacks driving to Lake Tahoe to go skiing - riding and hop on the Bay Area Ski Bus!  You relax and we'll take care of you, the driving, and everything else.

If by Yourself   On the Ski Bus 
Drive Up OR Sleep
Put on Chains OR Be Served Breakfast
Find Parking OR Get Dropped by Lodge
Buy a Ticket OR Go Direct to Lifts
Worry about Drive Home OR Enjoy Apres Ski Party
Drive Home OR Watch movie - Relax

Hmmmm?  It's a no-brainer!!


  * Board bus: 4-5:30am depending on your location

  * Sleep - until 7:30am 

  * Enjoy continental breakfast with a ski movie

  * Arrive at slopes - 8:15-9:00am (good weather)  

  * Ski or Ride until 3:30 or 4:00pm

  * Back to bus: 3:30-4:15 for BBQ, drinks & more 

  * Depart at 4:30pm 

  * Movie or sleep on the way home

  * Home sweet home - 7:00-9:30pm

2-Day Trips                          3-Day Trips                         Week-Long Trips

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»Travel for many ages

To increase the enjoyment of our trips, we separate trips into 3 different age groups:

5 days per week

Every Sat, Sun + Holiday breaks

Every Sat, Sun + Holiday breaks

Customer Testimonial:
You guys are just awesome and mind blowing !!! Me and my wife really enjoyed the whole trip to Alpine Meadows. From the start until the end, the fun never ended. We didn't expect such a great service and you guys exceeded our expectations. You know what? I have noted down your name in my next spring calendar, so that we won't miss the fun again. Kudos to your entire team, the bus crew and the management !!! Cheers !!!! :)
   -- Raghunath