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»Ski Bus Trip Prices

How much would it cost you to drive yourself up for a day trip to Tahoe?

Gas $  70
Lift Ticket (Avg) $105
Breakfast      $   5
After-Ski Food/ Drink/Snacks  $  15
TOTAL $195
All the above on the Ski Bus


consider the CONVENIENCE and the PRICELESS items:

  *We drive, YOU sleep!
  *We put on chains if needed!
  *We park right by the lodge!
  *Your car is still CLEAN!
  *In traffic on the way home, you're watching a movie or sleeping!

Ski Bus Trip Prices


Prices for 2015-2016 Ski Season
Trip Type
(incl: bus, TICKET, continental breakfast &
after-ski snacks)
Adult (18 & over)
From $149
Teen (13-17 yrs)
From $139
Child (4-12 yrs)
From $119
Senior (65-69 yrs)
From $139
Senior (70+ yrs)
From $119
Bus Only (No Tix) 
From $85
Sign up Early!
Prices subject to change,
especially within 5 days of a trip
Cross Country & Snow Shoeing
Choose "Bus Only"($85) & buy your pass at resort
Beginning Ski or Snowboard Pkg
incl: Beginner Chairs lift ticket,
rental & lesson)
Add $30-$80/day
(to Regular price, NOT Bus Only)
Need Credit card for Rentals deposit.
Ski, Snowboard - $45-$49. 
Varies by Resort - $45-$125
2-Day Tahoe Hotel Trips
RT transportation, lodging, tickets $369-$399
2-Day Tahoe "Ski House" Trips RT transportation, lodging, tickets $TBA

»Deals / Specials!

8-Packs - SOLD OUT
8 trips for price of 6!  
on any one-day Ski trips!

Adults         - $945 < $116/trip
Teens         - $895 < $107/trip                                                                                                                            
Srs 65-69  - $895 < $107/trip                                      

Bus Only    - $510 < $62/trip

8-Packs  are:
Good for 1 person ONLY, from the First Trip to 4/3/16.
NO Sharing! 
Reserved Seating!  

NO REFUNDS or CREDITS for any non-use of 8-Pack OR Season Pass!     

Buy one!

Gift Certificates for Christmas, Birthdays, etc. available for one-day Ski Bus trips

Customer Testimonial:
I booked a trip for Hubert Jiang and Adam Naglich to go to Alpine Meadows and I want you to know that it was a huge success. The bus was waiting at the designated spot at the right time, everything went smoothly, and the boys had a great outing. In particular, I wanted to thank the fellow who was the leader on the bus (don't know what else to call the guy.) He helped Adam and Hubert arrange a lesson when they determined that they had no idea what they were doing with a snowboard on a mountain.
   -- Ted