»Ski Bus Trip Prices

How much would it cost you to drive yourself up for a day trip to Tahoe?

Gas $70
Lift Ticket (Avg) $90
Breakfast      $ 5
After-Ski Food/ Drink/Snacks  $15
TOTAL $180
All the above on the Ski Bus


consider the CONVENIENCE and the PRICELESS items:

  *We drive, YOU sleep!
  *We put on chains if needed!
  *We park right by the lodge!
  *Your car is still CLEAN!
  *In traffic on the way home, you're watching a movie or sleeping!

Ski Bus Trip Prices
Prices for '13-'14
Trip Type
(incl: bus, TICKET, continental breakfast &
after-ski snacks)
Adult (18 & over)
From $109-$149
Teen (13-17 yrs)
From $109-$145
Child (4-12 yrs)
From $99-$123
Senior (65-69 yrs)
From $109-$145  
Senior (70+ yrs)
From $99-$123
Bus Only (No Tix) 
Sign up Early!
Prices subject to change,
especially within 5 days of a trip
Cross Country & Snow Shoeing
Choose "Bus Only"($75 ) & buy your pass at resort
Beginning Ski or Snowboard Pkg
incl: Beginner's lift ticket,
rental & lesson)
Add $30-$80/day
(to Regular price, NOT Bus Only)
Need Credit card for Rentals deposit.
Ski, Snowboard - $39-$46. 
Varies by Resort - $42-$105
2-Day Tahoe Hotel Trips
RT transportation, lodging, tickets $309-$379

»Deals / Specials!

8 trips for price of 6!  
on any one-day Ski trips! 

Adults - $825 <$104/trip 
Teens - $790 <$99/trip 
Srs 65+ - $750 <$94/trip 
Bus Only - $475 <$60/trip

8-Packs  are:
Good for 1 person ONLY, from Now to 4/13/13.
NO Sharing! 
Reserved Seating!

NO REFUNDS or CREDITS for any non-use of 8-Pack OR Season Pass!

       Buy one!

Gift Certificates for Christmas, Birthdays, etc. available for one-day Ski Bus trips

Take any 6 Tahoe bus trips (per individual) in the same ski season and the 7th One-day trip is FREE!

Customer Testimonial:
Hi Kevin, just providing some positive feedback on the trip. James was great! Especially when a few people didn't have rooms at the hotel and had to stay down the road at Quality Inn. James gave up his room in the nicely renovated Park Tahoe and joined Kelly & I at the Quality Inn. Was very nice of him and the couple that got his room was clearly grateful. I'll be back for sure!
   -- Jason, SF