Ski Bus to Lake Tahoe


Buses, Motor coaches are the most fuel efficient and least polluting, mode of transportation per passenger mile traveled!  And most of our buses feature the EPA-mandated clean-diesel engine technology, which reduces particulate matter (black smoke) by 90 percent over previous models.  With 50 skiers & snowboarders per bus, we are taking 30+ cars off the road!  Green we are!

We use the finest buses on the road!!  Many other buses that you see on the road may look OK on the outside, but how old are they, what's the inside look like, are they polluters and are they serviced regularly?  All of our buses are 2009 or newer (except for maybe a few last-minute bookings),  they are routinely maintained under the hood and are captained by experienced, background-checked and tested drivers.

Why drive when you could ride in style!

Our warm, quiet and comfortable chartered buses are fully-equipped with reclining, high-back seats, a restroom, TVs with DVD or VCRs, overhead storage for carry-ons and large storage compartments underneath for skis, snowboards and other equipment.  

The joy of riding in our luxurious buses is only part of the story.  As you recline your seat and drift off to sleep on the trip to the slopes, you get the rest you need for a full day of activity.  When you wake, you can wave at the people on the side of the road handling tire chains in the slush as you enjoy some breakfast and a ski movie. 

On the way home, you sip hot chocolate while
watching a movie on-board or drift off to sleep. 
Now this is how to go skiing!

Would you rather have your hands on the wheel, having to stay awake to and from Lake Tahoe and often putting on chains OR how about kicking back, relaxing, reading the paper or watching a movie?


Charter or Rent a Bus!

Need a luxury bus to take you to the snow in Lake Tahoe?

To Reno or Monterey?
Disneyland or Sacramento?
Wherever - we probably have the perfect bus for you!

Call our office at 925-680-4386
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Customer Testimonial:

Hi Brian, Just wanted to let you know how much my boyfriend and I have enjoyed the Ski Bus since we discovered its existence last fall. We've only been on 2 trips so far (one to Heavenly in December, one this past weekend to Northstar) but we've really enjoyed the convenience and relative ease of being able to indulge in our favorite outdoor winter activity without having to worry about driving, finding overnight accommodations in Tahoe, etc... We have become big fans of the Ski Bus, and are recommending it to all of our friends and co-workers! You guys do a great job & offer a fantastic service, and for that we are truly grateful!

-- Heather