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Age Group Date Day(s) Location
November 2017
14 yrs to Adult Nov 17 -Apr 8 Any 8-Pack - "Bus Only" (No Lift Ticket) - 2017-2018 Season (3 seats remaining)
14 yrs to Adult Nov 17 -Apr 8 Any 8-Pack with Lift Ticket - 2017-2018 Season (8 seats remaining)

Customer Testimonial:

Hi Kevin, just providing some positive feedback on the trip. James was great! Especially when a few people didn't have rooms at the hotel and had to stay down the road at Quality Inn. James gave up his room in the nicely renovated Park Tahoe and joined Kelly & I at the Quality Inn. Was very nice of him and the couple that got his room was clearly grateful. I'll be back for sure!

-- Jason, SF